Easy Pay Program (EPP)

Enjoy convenient shopping with easy monthly payments at low profit margin..

EPP allows you to convert your purchases into smart payment plans

  • Fixed monthly installments
  • Unlimited number of installment plans
  • Shariah compliant

EPP provides 2 options for the profit margin

  • 0% with specific partners
  • 1% per month for any purchase equal or above SAR 1,000

Now you can buy anything you desire without worrying about immediate payments

  • Applicable on purchase transactions made on your primary or supplementary credit cards
  • Applicable on retail purchases made on your credit card locally or internationally
  • 4 choices of payment plans - 3, 6 ,9 and 12 months
  • No limit on the number of installment plans allowed within your available credit limit
  • Not applicable on cash advance transactions

To benefit from EPP, simply follow these 3 convenient steps

  • Step 1: Use your ANB Credit Card to make a purchase of at least SAR 1,000.
  • Step 2: Call ANB Toll Free Number on 8001244040 and request to convert your transaction to EPP Plan (3, 6, 9 or 12 months).
  • Step 3: Pay only the monthly installment for the plan selected. The value of each monthly installment will be reflected in your monthly statement.


Terms and Conditions