Investment Products thru ANB Invest

Thru ANB Invest, our subsidiary investment arm, we offer you access to the world’s greatest investment opportunities, and deliver the quality that you deserve.

Investment Advisory Services

Our diverse investment products and vast expertise position us well to provide you with advisory services that help us understand your investment needs in order to offer the most suitable package that mirrors your investment aspirations, both short and long term.

Mutual Funds

We offer a wide selection of conventional and Sharia-compliant domestic investment funds, in addition to international funds, including the Global Bonds Fund, as well as funds investing in American, European, Asian and Japanese equity markets.

Managed Funds

For those customers with international investment expertise, we offer a wide selection of funds managed by an elite team of world class fund managers to give you the choice to select from among our multiple investment solutions those most suited to your expectations.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Because we value the importance of time and precision in executing your money market investment deals, ANBi mobilized an integral team of savvy and qualified investment experts to manage your investment portfolios on your behalf, and provide you with periodic performance reports.

We can adapt the design of services ANBi offers you to precisely respond to your specific requirements, and better cater to your overall investment needs, expectations and goals.