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ANB Mobile

Discover the features of ANB Mobile

The simplest way to perform all your banking transactions is now available through ANB Mobile. Just download the application and enjoy a simple, fast and reliable banking experience on the move. Login using your ANB NET user name and password or tap on the registration button and follow the steps.

Through ANB Mobile you can:

  • View a summary of all your products
  • View of all your accounts and credit cards
  • 360° view of your financial position
  • Perform all types of transfers
  • Add new beneficiaries
  • Pay and add new bills
  • Cash transfer from your credit card to your account
  • Locate the nearest ANB branch / ATM
  • Contact ANB through phone / email
  • Share your ANB Mobile experience with friends via Twitter and Facebook

Simple steps to start

Step 1)Download your app:

Step 2) Login : If you have already registered in ANB NET service you can use the same user ID and password or you can follow the below registration steps in order to start using the service.


Click on "Registration" button and go through the below steps

No 1 No 2 No 3
No 4 No 5

Services offered by ANB Mobile

Account Summary:

To display all types of banking accounts briefly.


Last 5 Transactions

To provide the customer with last 5 transactions occurred on his current account.

Statement Of Account

Customer can review his banking statement through ANB Mobile for up to six months.

Stopped ATM Card

The client can stop his ATM card throughout ANB Mobile.

Exchange Rate inquiry

Provide customers with an up to date exchange rates for the most popular currencies.

TeleMoney Remittance:

Express international remittances with multiple delivery options to your beneficiaries.

Credit Cards:

Customers can view card details, unbilled transactions, statement and enable to pay credit card dues.

Personal Finance:

Customers can view all details of personal finance such as paid instalments and remaining instalments.

Time Deposit and Murabaha:

Customers can only view a summary of time deposit or Murabaha.


-The customer can transfer funds between his account ,to another ANB account, to a local bank, to International Bank, Others (Investment House, MOFA and Real Estate Unit).

-Customers can add new beneficiaries whether local or international for all types of transfers through ANB Mobile.

Utility Bills:

Enable to pay all types of bills for any SADAD registered biller.

Customer profile:

This page will display the basic customer information including for example: full name, address.

Financial Position:

Enable customer to view his financial status – Assets against liabilities.

Other Services

Change password

The customer will have the option to change his profile’s password.

Language setting

Include language selection, the customer will have the option to toggle between the English and Arabic language.

ATM and Branch Locator:

The downloadable version of Mobile Banking will have a feature to locate the nearest ATM or branch to the customer’s current position.

For any assistance please call phone banking 8001244040 or send an email to

Security Tips:

  • Do not share your mobile and always use your private mobile to log into the service.
  • Use a pin number to protect your mobile and keep it locked.
  • Make sure to download the official version of ANB Mobile through “App store, Google play etc”
  • Do not disclose any of your banking information to anyone such as accounts, user name and password.
  • Do not break the security system of your Mobile by using any of untrusted programs cause it will lead to a security penetrations.
  • Make sure to log out successfully whenever you finish from using Mobile Banking Application.
  • Avoid downloading any Apps that may conflict with ANB Mobile application.
  • Do not save your banking information into your mobile.
  • Make sure to provide the bank with a valid and updated mobile number.
  • Advised to be careful whenever you browse untrusted/unsecured websites cause it may contains some viruses which could damage your mobile.
  • Refer always to ANB Mobile webpage to have a full information about the service.
  • ANB Mobile application is a service offered by ANB and its not allowed to use it for business purposes under any circumstances.
  • Do not switch off your mobile while downloading application.
  • In case of facing any issues please send a message to or contact Phone Banking at 8001244040
  • Make sure of following up the latest updates of Apps and be aware to download the updated version of ANB Mobile.
  • In order to avoid any security penetrations please do not download any apps by using untrusted resources and be sure to download all your Apps through “ Apple Store, Google Play, etc ”.

Frequently Asked Questions

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