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Frequently asked questions

What is Tadawul Al Arabi?

Tadawul Al Arabi is an electronic trading service offered by ANB Invest over the Internet to our valued customers in order to enable them to execute local shares trading transactions, monitor their investment portfolios and view market news and developments.

Service Functions, Features & Benefits:

  • 1. Multi-option share trading (buy/sell).
  • 2. Amendment of bids/offers.
  • 3. Ability to trade in several secondary portfolios with a single user id.
  • 4. Viewing share price details in a variety of display options
  • 5. Viewing customer portfolio(s) summary and details.
  • 6. Viewing transactions summary and details.
  • 7. Viewing current account balance.
  • 8. Viewing standing orders.
  • 9. Specific order query functionality.
  • 10. Viewing share prices, standing orders, execution of buy/sell transactions & viewing portfolio and current account balances under a single screen.
  • 11. Viewing share prices in ascending/descending order by price appreciation rate/amount as well as by sector.
  • 12. Generating special lists of favorite stocks, supported by an amendment/ cancellation functionality.
  • 13. Viewing latest market news/developments.
  • 14. Viewing a summary of a particular share movement e.g. last executed transactions, trading volume and amount, highest and lowest price for the year, previous closing price, offer and bid details and a chart of the daily share movement.
  • 15. Language of choice selection, amendment of details e.g. email address, phone number etc.

How can I subscribe to Tadawul Al Arabi?

You need to visit ANB Invest Website www.anbinvest.com.sa to fill out the Service Registration Form to start using the Service directly.

Who is eligible to trade Saudi local shares through Tadawul Al Arabi?

The Service is available to all ANB Invest customers who wish to deal in local shares over the Internet and meet the Service conditions.

What are the eligibility criteria to avail of Tadawul Al Arabi?

  1. The customer must have a local shares portfolio with ANB Invest.
  2. The customer must have a valid ATM card with ANB, or ANB Invest Phone Service.
  3. The customer must maintain a minimum local shares trading volume, together with account balance, of SAR 5,000, excluding Safwah & Wahat Al Arabi Customers.
  4. The customer must have an email address.
  5. The customer must subscribe to the Service through ANB Invest's website.

Does the Company charge a subscription fee against service provision?

Yes, the Company charges a subscription fee of SAR 83 monthly.

What commission rate does the Company apply to trading via Tadawul Al Arabi?

The Company charges the same commission rate applied to orders executed through its branch network and investment centers. (i.e. SAR 12 for every deal under SAR 10,000 deal amount).

How secure is Tadawul Al Arabi site for trading purposes?

The site is equipped with state of the art encryption technologies to prevent third party access to your account details through the Internet. When you login to the Service, the password will be automatically encrypted and nobody will be able to read it. This is in addition to Service specific protection software and constant monitoring by our qualified staff. To further reassure our customers, we enforce a number of hidden verification tools to abort fraud and penetration attempts.

What is the best connection method to the Internet in order to utilize Tadawul Al Arabi service?

The faster the connection is, the better the Service utilization will be. We therefore recommend connection to the Internet over a DSL for best performance. Connection with EasyNet prepaid cards may result in certain service efficiency problems.

What company shares are tradable via Tadawul Al Arabi?

Shares of Saudi joint stock companies listed on the Saudi Stock Market are tradable through the service.

What are the Saudi local shares trading times?

The trading times are shown in the following table:

Day Trading Session
Saturday - Wednesday 11:00 öA.M.- 03:30 P.M.
Thursday & Friday Market Closed

The Market is also closed on national holidays.

When the market is open, which orders are executed first?

Once TADAWUL computes the quantity to be traded, this is allocated to orders based on their priority:

  • Market orders will have first priority of full execution.
  • Orders priced on better terms than the market opening price (in-the-market) follow in full execution priority once all Market Orders have been executed.
  • The remaining quantity is allocated to other orders priced (actual order price) at market opening price following a quantitative allocation method.

When the Market is open, which orders are executed first?
Orders are executed subject to the following priorities:

  • Orders more attractively priced will always be executed first.
  • Normal conditions will have precedence over special ones.
  • First-in first-out (order of seniority).

Can I fix the execution quantity?

Yes, you can fix the quantity to be executed using a special execution order.

What is a bid?

It is an order to buy a specific number of shares of a given company traded on the market.

What is an offer?

It is an order to sell a specific number of shares of a given company traded on the market.

What happens to the order if my available balance does not cover the bid quantity price?

Prior to acceptance of an entered order, the System will match the order price to the designated investment account balance. This measure aims to ensure that the order is fully executable without overdrawing the account. If the balance is insufficient, the System will return a message indicating that the available balance is inadequate to execute the order.

What is a 'Market Order'?

It is an un-priced order to trade a particular share instantly at best current market price.

How can I amend an order?

Click on the 'Action' icon to view and amend order details, then enter your 'password' to authorize the amendment.

How can I cancel an order?

Click on the 'X' mark beside the order number to view the 'cancellation confirmation screen'.

Are there any restrictions in case of order characteristics alteration?

You cannot amend the company symbol, market or order type (bid/offer). For these cases, you need to cancel the order, enter details again and send it to the market.

What is the order validity period?

The customer can select either of the following validity options:

  • One trading day: the order is valid for one day only.
  • To Date: the order is valid to a specific date, no more than a week.

Official Holidays :

  • National Day of Saudi Arabia (23 September).
  • Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.
  • Market will be closed during these holidays and announced on Tadawul website.

What execution options are offered?

  • Market order on arrival: the order is executed on the market offer price. In this case, the customer's account balance must be sufficient to cover the maximum share price appreciation rate i.e. 10%. This is applicable to a bid only.

For further information, please call Tadawul Al-Arabi Services
Toll Free or Mobile 800 124 6363
Or Outside Kingdom +966 1 402 9000 Ext. 4740

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