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"anb net" is one of the alternative banking channels of arab national bank. It enables its customers to execute their banking transactions at any time and from anywhere within the Kingdom or around the world.

"anb net" is a unique, innovative and convenient banking channel as it works with any browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari in addition to:

  • Display of account balance while executing utility bills payment transactions, transfers, charges and exchange rates.
  • Download your monthly statement in PDF format.
  • TeleMoney international remittances with their multiple benefits.
  • Inquiry about your utilities’ bills as you log into the website.
  • Two ways to enable your beneficiaries, either through an SMS message, or by calling “anb Phone Banking" at        800 124 4040. We will notify you if your international beneficiary information you have entered is incorrect so you adjust it.
  • Get notified of important news or product offering.

Banking Transaction that can be conducted through “anb net”


  • Display of last 5 transactions.
  • Display a full statement.
  • Download your statement in PDF format.
  • Currency rates inquiry.
  • Report lost ATM card.

Credit Cards:

  • Display your credit card details.
  • Display unbilled transactions.
  • Display your statement.
  • Pay your credit card dues.
  • Make a cash advance to your current account.
  • Apply for a credit card.

Personal Finance:

  • Display details of your personal finance.
  • Apply for a financing.

Deposits / Al Murabaha Investments:

  • Display details of your Deposits/Al Murabaha account.

Transfers / Payments:

  • Transfer between your anb accounts.
  • Transfer to any account in anb.
  • Transfer to local banks.
  • Transfer to international banks.
  • Transfer to local investment companies.
  • Display of your previous transfers.
  • Note: To execute transfers, beneficiaries information should be previously registered

TeleMoney Remittance:

  • Express international remittances with multiple delivery options to your beneficiaries.

Utility Bills:

  • Payment against companies registered in Sadad system.
  • Execution of post or pre-payments.
  • Display payments issued to any of your favorite bills.

Beneficiary Registration

  • You can register beneficiaries for all types of transfers.

General services:

  • Change your anb net password.
  • Create Short Names for your accounts.
  • Set your language preferences and font settings.
  • View your address details.

Before you start using "anb net", please make sure of the following remarks:

  • Please do not disclose your "anb net" password to anyone whether relatives, friends or even bank employees.
  • Memorize your passwords. Do not write them down.
  • Do not rely on anyone to do your banking transactions on your behalf.
  • If you feel that someone has come to know your password, change it immediately through "anb net".
  • Watch out for Phishing email scams. Ensure that you are connected to anb official website www.anb.com.sa.
  • Avoid using public computers to login to your "anb net".
  • Do not respond to suspicious emails asking you for personal information such as National Identification number, ATM card number or any passwords. We also assure you that anb will never send you an email asking you to reply back with personal information.
  •  Make sure you have up-to-date Antivirus and Antispyware software installed and enabled on your PC all the time.
  • Report any security incident by calling “anb Phone Banking” at 800 124 4040.
  • For security reasons, when exiting the “anb net” please make sure you click on the “log out” button not just closing your browser window screen.
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