Corporate Internet Banking service

The Corporate Internet Banking service (E-Business Plus) Provides comprehensive solutions for managing financial and banking activities electronically and easily in a timely manner. It is a channel for executing banking transactions in a modern and comfortable way to enable the entity managing bank accounts through a single window to almost all financial activities at any time and from anywhere in a high and advanced Security enviroment. 


Service Features:

  • Reduces payment transaction cost: Avail discounted transactional rate through the portal.
  • Transactional History:  View and download account information of all your accounts operated with ANB for the past one year.
  • Availability:  Available 24/7 including holidays.
  • Flexible: Portal can be customized to meet your company’s transaction approval workflow requirement.


Corporate Internet Banking helps your business by:

  • Security

1. Company can designate one or more than one Corporate Admins

2. Corporate Admin can manage all day-to-day administrative requirements of portal for the company.  Alternatively, company can reach Bank Admin for any assistance during banking hours.

3. The portal can accommodate any number of company users and any levels of approval hierarchy – including transaction inputters, reviewers, and approvers.


  • Information Management

1. View and download account statement directly in multiple formats such as Excel, Plain text, Tab Separated text, PDF, MT940, MT950 and CSV formats.

2. View the expected incoming funds such as expected cheques pending outward clearing.

3. View facility accounts and limit.

4. Display real time FX rates.

5. Point-of-Sales (POS) account reporting.


  • Electronic Payment

1. Executing funds between the entity’s accounts with Arab National Bank.

2. Executing local payments via “SARIE “(individual payments and Bulk). 

3. Executing remittance payments via “SWIFT “(individual payments and Bulk). 

4. Upload payments for Alarabi payroll service, which is compatible with the wage protection system.

5. Register single beneficiary with the ability to upload bulk records.


  • SADAD, ESAL, and Ministry of Interior Payments

1. Bill registration singly/Bulk.

2. Inquire and pay multiple bills with one transaction process.

3. Inquire and execute Esal payments.

4. Execute Payments for Ministry of Interior and government services.



Apply for the service now by clicking on “Apply Now” and fill in the required information. The bank representative will contact you once your information is received.


For more inquiries related to service subscription, you can contact your relationship manager or call the toll-free number: 920000478 or by e-mail to Tbsupport@anb.com.sa

Service Agreement and Related Forms: