Arab National Bank was established in 1979, by Royal Decree M/38, taking over the existing operations of Arab Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ANB, a Saudi Listed Joint Stock Company, now ranks among the 10-15 largest banks in the Middle East. Headquartered in the capital city of Riyadh, the Bank is supported by Regional Offices in Jeddah and Khobar, and has a branch in London. Over the past 4 decades, ANB has been committed to live up to its brand promise of being “A Friend Indeed”.


ANB Group offers comprehensive commercial and investment banking services, in addition to specialized services in the fields of heavy equipment leasing and home finance.

ANB is a universal commercial bank catering for the diverse needs of its Corporate and Retail clients. To service a large and varied customer base which exceeds 2 million, the Bank has an extensive distribution network, with 279 premises spanning over the Kingdom. These include upwards of 167 branches (of which 32 are Ladies’ Sections) 11 sales centers, 87 remittance centers (TeleMoney), 10 SME centers, and 4 corporate branches.

To keep pace with the digital transformation and create an experience that customers are genuinely looking for, ANB offers a wide range of self-service financial solutions through four fully-fledged digital branches.

Recognizing the need to serve customers in a convenient and timely manner, the Bank also has more than 1,220 ATMs, 24,200 point-of-sale terminals and easy to use online and mobile banking applications.  

ANB Invest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANB, is the investment banking arm of the Group. It provides advisory services in addition to brokerage and asset management.

Al-Arabi Heavy Equipment Leasing Co. (AHEL), a 87.1% owned subsidiary, specializes in rental of lifting equipment.

Saudi Home Loans (SHL), a 40%-owned affiliate in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Dar Al-Arkan, caters for the growing needs of home finance.

ANB Insurance, a Saudi joint stock company, with ANB, MetLife Alico and Chartis (AIG) as joint-venture partners, provides corporate and personal insurance products.


A Prominent,  Quality  Arab  Bank


A Friend Indeed
Our promise is to earn your friendship, by being transparent and committed, by making sure you are always satisfied. This is why we are a friend indeed.


Net profit after zakat and income tax attributable to equity holders of the bank (for the Period ended 31-12-2019)  

USD 806.2 Million

Assets (31-12-2019)

USD 48.9 Billion

Customer Deposits (31-12-2019)

USD 37.9 Billion

Shareholders’ Equity (31-12-2019)

USD 7.5 Billion



Standard & Poor's :
BBB+ (Stable Outlook)
Moody's :
A2 (Stable Outlook)
Fitch :
BBB+ (Negative Outlook)


Retail and Private Banking :

Serving the Individual customer, ANB offers a wide suite of products and services through an extensive branch network and a technologically advanced self-service delivery offering. The Bank tailors its offerings based on the varied and unique needs of different customer segments to ensure that the right products are offered to the right customers throughout the different stages of their financial life-cycle.

Corporate Banking :

ANB’s Corporate Banking Group (CBG) focuses on providing a customized suite of financial products and services to large and medium-sized Saudi entities in both the Public and Private sectors as well as to International and Joint Venture companies. CBG operates from ANB’s Head Office in Riyadh and is supported by 2 regional offices in Jeddah and Khobar. Additionally, Corporate Banking customers have access to the extensive network of branches covering the Kingdom and benefit from bespoke solutions.

Commercial Banking : 

ANB continues to hold a strong and profitable mid-market franchise. Its portfolio is characterized by a strong base with excellent credit quality. Commercial Banking’s focus has been on strengthening existing relationships and expanding both mid-size and small business customers through concentrated marketing efforts and the diversification of its range of banking products and service offerings.

The Bank actively supports small businesses operating in the Kingdom with dedicated and specialized teams in each region. ANB is an active participant in the “Kafala” guarantee scheme. The Bank has recently setup a fully dedicated SME unit, with the strategic remit of further expanding this business in the years to come.

Treasury Services : 

Treasury provides a wide range of standard and customized products and services. These include trading, hedging and investment products. The Bank offers a web-based solution for e-trading, allowing customers to diversify their portfolio into international assets that are not tightly correlated with the local markets.

Project & Structured Finance : 

ANB is one of the Kingdom’s leading projects and structured financiers, having taken key roles in the majority of project financings that have been arranged in the Kingdom. ANB’s intimate understanding of the local market positions the Bank as a preferred partner to support the associated financing requirements of corporates and investors.

ANB’s activity in arranging a multitude of highly-structured syndicated financings has earned the Bank a reputation for being a ‘Thought Leader’ in the field of Project and Structured Finance in the Kingdom. ANB offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services through a dedicated and experienced team.

London Branch : 

ANB established its London Branch in 1991. The branch is strategically located in the Mayfair District and performs an important role in supporting the international business interests of the Bank’s clientele in the United Kingdom. The London office offers its UK clients personal and corporate facilities, trade finance and treasury services.


ANB has expanded its product and service offering via subsidiary companies and strategic investments which cover Investment Banking, Home Finance, Insurance and Heavy Equipment Leasing as follows:

ANB Invest :

ANB Invest, the investment banking arm of ANB, is a fully integrated Authorized Person regulated by the Capital Markets Authority. It offers brokerage, asset management and corporate advisory services.

ANB Invest is one of the leading brokerage houses that execute buy and sell orders of shares listed on Tadawul and also offers trading services on other exchanges in the GCC, United States and elsewhere. ANB Invest has a suite of funds that fit the investment goals of each customer and its money management skills have been highly acclaimed as evidenced through the receipt of various professional awards bestowed by independent third parties.

ANB Invest also advises corporate clients in areas of initial public offerings, mergers & acquisitions, complex restructurings and the underwriting of various market transactions.

Saudi Home Loans (SHL) :

SHL leads the way in the development of the mono-line home finance industry and is well positioned to capitalize on the strong and growing demand for home finance in the Kingdom. SHL has three main shareholders: Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company, the largest residential developer in the Kingdom, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and ANB, which holds a 40% stake. 

Al-Arabi Heavy Equipment Leasing (AHEL) :

AHEL, a 87.1% crane and heavy equipment rental subsidiary of ANB, was formed in 2009 to cater for the growing needs for equipment leasing in Saudi Arabia, providing reliable and competitive lifting solutions to customers in the construction, oil & gas, petrochemical, power and utilities industries.


The Bank is fully committed to act, at all times, as a good corporate citizen. It assumes its social responsibility role through the advancement of community causes and the continuous support to charitable and social institutions across the country.


Bylaws of Arab National Bank