Cash Management Solutions


  • Alarabi Business-2-Business service: 

Business-2-Business (B2B) is a channel solution for clients running Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Treasury systems and facilitates connectivity between ANB and its corporate clients. The solution benefits clients by circumventing the need for manual intervention, and automating daily processes such as payment initiation and account reconciliation. By instituting direct integration of client’s systems with the Bank, corporates can optimize working capital management.


  • MA-CUG services:

Member Administered – Closed User Group (MA-CUG) service of the Bank allows a corporate to use the SWIFT network to exchange payment transactions, and end-of-day account statement.  It serves well for corporate customers having multibank relationships and wants to avoid B2B interface with each of the banking relationships individually. 


  • Alarabi Payroll service:

The product offers payroll processing for both small and large companies using either of the channels (Alarabi eBusiness PLUS, Alarabi B2B or MA-CUG services).  All payroll payments are straight-through processed to credit salaries at ANB, local KSA banks, and any overseas banks salary accounts.


  • Alarabi Dividend payment service:

The product offers service to Tadawul listed companies to efficiently pay dividend payment to shareholders having either scripted or electronic shares.


  • Alarabi Direct Debit:

The product offers a quick, easy and convenient method of receiving regular collections e.g. bills, installments, subscriptions etc.  It is the most cost effective and efficient method of processing regular and periodic collections.


  • Alarabi e-Commerce service:

The product offers a complete package of payment gateway services for Card-Not-Present online transactions, best in class online fraud management and Dynamic Currency Conversion to meet your global online sales requirements.    With a simple and easy integration, your webstore will have access to our payment gateway full suite of e-Commerce services including fraud and risk management, analytics and reporting. 


  • SADAD Accounts Service (OLP)

 The Bank offers SADAD Accounts Service under the umbrella of SADAD which enables eCommerce transactions using customer accounts at any bank and provides complete merchant services including merchant account maintenance, online web portal to provide complete online sales transaction status.  Our SADAD Accounts integration experts guide and handhold potential merchants through the process of webstore integration to ease initial teething problems.


  • Alarabi prepaid cards (Ratibi Card, Ra’aya Card, Mokafah Card, Cash Express Card)

We offer a complete suite of mada prepaid cards including:

 Ratibi Card - for ease in payroll management for expatriate employees

Ra’aya Card - for companies/government organizations who like to pay repeated charity and donations payments to the needy in the Kingdom

Mokafah Card - for students’ stipends management in the Kingdom

Cash Express Card - for companies who wants to manage petty cash efficiently


  • Alarabi cash pick-up & delivery services:

The service includes securely picking-up and delivering physical cash to any place in the Kingdom using armored vehicles under the standards set-out by the Ministry of Interior for cash-in-transit in the Country.


  • Alarabi Cash Deposit Machines:

Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) are installed at customer sites to allow any number of cashiers or bulk cash collectors in the company to deposit physical cash securely with the Bank for immediate / online credit to the Company’s account.  


  • Alarabi Accounts Receivable Matching Service:

The product streamlines and simplifies the complexities of the accounts receivable reconciliation process, reducing administrative costs and days sales outstanding. The product consolidates, enriches and structures receivables data by including a “virtual account” solution - an automated payer identification service that embeds payer information in receivables data.


  • Investment Houses Services

Structured solution for managing Investment house / brokerage company accounts to meet their day to day business requirements.


  • Trustee Services E scrow :Off-plan Property Sale Services

Product covers Sale of “off-plan properties” as per government regulations to manage developer projects focused on sale of under construction properties to end users.


  • Liquidation Management Services

Specialized product offering at ANB focused on managing the liquidation process of properties that were offered to public by defunct developers.