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we care

Your complaint is important to us…
We are pleased to receive your compliant through the following official channels and we promise to get it resolved within five working days:
  • ANB Branches
  • anb.com.sa
  • +966 11 276 9272
  • 800 119 2222
  • ANB Mobile App
  • TeleMoney Remittance Centers

In case you are not satisfied with the provided solution or if (five working days) passed without receiving any response, you can escalate the complaint through the following stages, taking into consideration that the resolution may take two working days.

  • First stage: Contact Deputy Head of Customer Complaints Resolution Department through the direct line +966 11 299 4012
  • Second stage, Contact Head of Customer Complaints Resolution Department through the direct line +966 11 299 4017

You may also check the Banking Consumer Protection Principles or download a copy of it through Saudi Central Bank website www.sama.gov.sa

arab national bank Head Office

arab national bank General Management

  • PO Box 56921 Riyadh 11564 Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
  • +966 (0)11 402 9000
  • +966 (0)11 402 7747
  • 402 660 ARNA SJ (Telex)
  • consumer.info@anb.com.sa
Dear Customer
To report your ANB Credit Card or ANB ATM Card has been lost or stolen, please contact our Phone Banking at 920005555 within KSA or +966920005555 outside KSA
Dear Customer
If you suspect that there has ben an un-authorized breach of your account(s), or that a transaction has taken place that you did not initiate please call the bank immeditaly 920005555 or 8001244040 within KSA or  +966920005555 outside KSA
Job applications should be sent to careers@anb.com.sa , with any attached documents, such as CVs being in Microsoft Word format.