Who We Are

Commercial Bank is strategically positioned across ANB structure to provide one stop comprehensive and innovative solutions to midmarket segment which includes small and medium sized private entities engaged in different activities including Contracting, Trading, Manufacturing and Services. Each business proposition is unique and hence we work closely with our clients by understanding them and offering them products tailored to their needs, to leverage their business volume and leading them to emerge as large corporates.

Our structure

ANB endeavors to serve the growing commercial segment, manage the risk and provide the best possible services to the clients. Commercial Bank is equipped with advanced technology and experienced professionals who manage clients' relationships through three regional offices based in Riyadh, Jeddah and Alkhobar supported by a wide network of ANB branches covering the entire Kingdom. This role is handled by dedicated Relationship Managers who have the required expertise to act as connection point with other bank's departments to guarantee providing fast service on time.

 What Do We Offer

Commercial Bank provides a range of funded and non-funded credit related services spanning over Current Accounts & Overdrafts, Short & Medium/Long Term Loans, wide range of Trade products including Discounted Bills, Letter of Guarantees, Documentary Letters of Credit & Acceptances, Bills of Collection and others services catering to import & export requirements of our clients. In addition our team focuses on combining the products with other segments as per client’s business needs which includes Foreign Exchange products and Cash Management Solutions. Both Conventional and Islamic banking products are offered in compliance with the Shariah principals to provide complete flexibility (click here for more information about existing Islamic products).

What makes us different 

Where all banks provide the above commercial banking services, what makes ANB different is its ability to be close to its clients and provide suitable solutions that cater to their particular needs. Commercial Bank Management has adopted the concept of acting as a partner; where clients’ satisfaction is ensured by growing together with them and taking care of all their banking needs.