ANB has recently launched its E-trader services, and is pleased to offer full range web-based services, where customers can trade (on margin) currencies, precious metals, commodities and indices using a variety of trading instruments such as options, futures, etc.

The platform is state-of-the art technology and is the first of its kind in the Kingdom. The E-trade platform provides an excellent avenue to diversify their portfolio into international assets that are not highly correlated with the local markets.

  • Variety of asset class exposure
    • Interest Rates
    • Currencies
    • Commodities
  • Different instruments
    • Cash
    • Options
    • Futures
  • Completely liquid and tradable instruments.
  • Online real time data.
  • Arabic screens for local customers.
  • Orders are taken and monitored according to your instructions.
  • Technical and statistical information available upon request.
  • Reports and research are also available.