A clear leader in efficiently deploying the Bank’s own funds, ANB Treasury has established a creditable track record of strong performance without sacrificing the inherent need to manage the risks underlying asset classes.

The portfolio has both direct exposures and accesses different markets using external managers. The various risk management techniques implemented and a well-articulated and implemented investment process ensures improved risk adjusted returns as demonstrated over the course of the last few years.

This coupled with an exceptionally talented team of professionals suggests an efficiently run outfit whose mission is to enhance shareholder value by diversifying the Bank’s business and revenue streams.

Investors can now benefit by tapping into the expertise of ANB’s professionals while building their respective portfolios thereby leveraging ANB’s in-depth know-how of international markets.

Hedge Funds

  • Fund of Funds.
  • Single managers.
  • Diversified allocation to multi-strategies.
  • Strict risk measurement and control.

Structured Products

  • Positioning based on interest rate level and curve plays.
  • Predominantly EMTN programs.
  • Aggressive pricing levels.
  • Diversified exposure with sophisticated modeling to manage the risk.

International Bonds (All major currencies)

  • Floating rate notes (FRN).
  • Eurobonds.
  • Sovereign issues.
  • Medium Term Notes (MTN).

Structured Credit

  • Predominantly in Floating rate notes (FRN) formats.
  • Exposure to credit through managers or CDOs.
  • Credit curve plays and convexity or correlation.
  • Global allocation.
  • Strict risk monitoring and management and proactive management.