(available in all major currencies)

ANB’s Treasury offers the Bank’s customers a wide gamut of products and services – from the generic, such as deposits, foreign exchange trading, interest rate and commodity hedging products – to the exotic including options and futures based structured products and Asset Backed solutions.

In addition, to a fully fledged margin trading service, ANB’s Treasury Group works closely with the Bank’s customers to offer tailor-made solutions for either their risk profile or specific business needs.

Time Deposits

Certificates Of Deposit (CD’s):

  • Liquid negotiable assets.
  • Tradable in the secondary market.
  • All major banks CD’s readily available.

Call Deposit

  • Flexible Notice Period.
  • Variable rate based on short term money market rates.

Murabaha Deposits

  • Flexible Notice Period.
  • Variable rate based on short term money market rates.


Bond Repurchase Agreements (Repos)

  • Competitive rates of return.
  • Excellent credit quality (Saudi Arabian Government Obligation).

Interest Rates

Forward Rate Agreements (FRA):

  • Off balance sheet (no movement in notional principal).
  • No premium payable.
  • Forward protection against adverse movement in interest rates.
  • Flexible contract periods, normally up to 2 years.

Interest Rate Swaps (IRS):

  • Off balance sheet.
  • No premium payable.
  • A fixed rate against a floating rate investment or funding product.
  • Major currencies quoted up to 5 years with longer periods possible.
  • Floating rate payments tailored to suit individual cash flow requirements.
  • Up front premium payable.
  • Buyers do not require credit facilities.
  • Quoted for periods up to 5 years (major currencies).
  • Caps guarantee the buyer a maximum funding cost at a chosen interest rate during the life of the deal.
  • Floors guarantee the buyer a minimum investment yield at a chosen rate during the life of the deal.
  • Collars limit the investment yield and the funding cost, thus resulting in reduced or eliminated premiums.

Foreign Exchange

Arab National Bank has established itself as a leading provider of a wide range of Treasury services including being one of the major market makers in foreign exchange in the region with a wide international network of correspondent relations across the globe.

Building on its initiative to become more “consumer-focused”, ANB Treasury and particularly the FX business segment serves clients by offering high quality suite of foreign exchange products.

  • Comprehensive FX service offered in all traded currencies.
  • FX orders are taken and monitored according to your instructions.
  • Charting & statistical information available on request.
  • Daily and weekly treasury reports available.

Foreign Exchange Options

  • Tailor made option to suit individual requirements.
  • Available in all major currencies.
  • FX Option give the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a specific amount of currency at a specific rate, on or before a specific future date.
  • Unwanted option can be re-sold for their residual value.
  • Protection against adverse movements in exchange rates, while incorporating the ability to benefit from favorable market movements.