• Margin trading with very low margin rates leverage of your investment up to 25 times.
  • OTC options and forward outrights
  • Trading from your desktop on live tradable prices
  • Trading on 70+ Forex currency crosses
  • Low FX Bid/Ask spreads and no commissions
  • Spot gold and Spot Silver

Direct online trading

Alarabi e-Trader platform enables you to trade Forex from a single integrated platform. Alarabi e-Trader offers a wealth of market information and all the tools that you need to trade successfully.

Spot Gold and Spot Silver

In addition to our range of FX currency crosses. We offer direct trading of spot gold and spot silver on live tradable prices.

Leverage your Forex investments with our very low margin rates

Trade Forex on margin and leverage your investments for greater market effect. Our margin rates are among the lowest available. an investment collateral of $ 5,000 can be used to command forex position up to 
$ 125,000, gearing your investment up to 25 times.