What Is Online Shopping Service

ANB mada and Credit Cards holders can shop for products or services online from websites of local and international eStores simply by entering card details (name & address, card number, expiry date and CVV number on the back of the card). On occasions, the customer may be prompted to enter a code that is sent to his/her registered mobile. This free of charge service is not only provided with utmost safety and protection, but enables the customer to enjoy easy, online shopping remotely thru the Internet.


Tips when buying online

  • Ensure that the page URL starts with (https://)
  • Shop from known sites and avoid suspicious ones.
  • Use a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Check the specifications of the product you want to buy.
  • Know your rights and the company's return policy.
  • Make sure the site displays the Visa and/or MasterCard logo on the payment page.


3DS Security and Protection System

3DS is a security system that provides protection from fraud for online transactions when using credit cards or mada cards. This feature works by sending a one-time password to the customer’s registered mobile to complete the purchase.
There are two types of websites: a secure 3DS protection system enabled site, and a non-secure website that is not 3DS protection system enabled. This feature is provided by the merchant.

Purchase transactions(s) by the client on websites is deemed authenticated if verified thru VBV (Verified by VISA) or MasterCard SecureCode protocol. To proceed with the purchase, the customer must enter the OTP sent to his/her registered mobile and the CVV number on the back of the card when purchasing or paying through VBV supported websites who display the Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code logo on their payment page.


Advantages of Electronic Online Payment

  • Simple and flexible. 
  • Security and protection against fraud and theft risks. 
  • No extra charges to the customer for domestic transactions. 
  • Customer and merchant rights guaranteed.
  • Reduced cash circulation. 
  • Facilitation of customer-merchant commercial transactions flow.