ANB Phone Banking

An advanced banking service that allows you to perform your banking transactions in a convenient and safe manner through mobile or landline, by calling the new unified number

Inside the Kingdom: 8001244040

Outside the Kingdom: +966112127555


New Advanced Features

  • Customize your own self-service menu as per your preference.
  • Set your preferred language for future use.
  • If the line got disconnect for any reason, you may resume the last interrupted transaction in your next call.
  • Intelligent feature that tracks your monthly transactions, and suggests conducting the same on monthly basis, for your convenience.
  • You don’t have to wait so long during peak hours, our call back feature can log your request to call you back at your convenient time.
  • Reduce the number of steps to access the service faster.
  • You don’t have to repeat all details again to the new agent. The system can transfer your call to the same agent, which you had contacted before, if he is still on duty.
  • You can be transferred to specific menu, so you don’t need to be re-authenticated again.
  • Call survey is now available at all times to share you valuable feedback and suggestion.


Registration method

  1. Call the new unified number 8001244040 and if you are an Affluent Banking please call the toll free number 8001240088.
  2. Enter Customer Number (CIF)*
  3. Follow the authentication steps, either by entering the code created by ANB Tawtheeq or the SMS code.
  4. Answer the security questions.
  5. Assign a new telephone PIN where secret code cannot be same as ATM PIN or Date of birth and also cannot contain consecutive or repeated numbers.
  6. Re-enter the same Telephone PIN again.


*How to get your Customer Number (CIF)

The customer number is only 8 digits instead of the long ATM number. It is distinguished by linking all your banking products, instead of registering each bank or credit card separately. The number can be obtained through one of the following methods:

  1. For the customers registered in ANB NET service: (Customer Preferences è User Profile).
  2. For the current ANB phone banking customers, call our number and enter the number of the registered card in the service, and then request a text message from the self-service system.
  3. Ask the Customer Service representative in the branch.


ANB Phone Banking Services

  • Utility Bill Payment (SADAD, MOI).
  • Fund Transfers.
  • Account Services and Personnel Loan Services.
  • Credit Card Services
  • Auto Lease Services.
  • Internet Banking Services.
  • New Application Status.
  • Complaints and suggestions.


Utility Bill Payments and MOI Services

  • Ministry of interior services. 
  • Telecommunication companies services.
  • Public service companies. 
  • Aviation services. 
  • Government services. 
  • Credit cards payments.
  • Other services & payments.


New System Features

  • You can now listen to the subscription number or enter the last 6 digits of any predefined biller for easy payment.
  • You can now add a one-time biller, which will be automatically removed later. For example: (Airline ticket payment).


Fund Transfer

For easy access and fast track, we have grouped all your fund transfers into one option:

  •  A/C to A/C transfer within your account or other accounts at ANB or to other local banks or SWIFT Transfer (New).
  • Tele Money Transfer (New).
  • Transfer from your Current Account to your Investment Account or vice versa.
  • Trustee Transfer.


Current and Savings Accounts

  1. Balance inquiry (Now you can hear your account balance automatically whenever you access or select the desired account to avoid any insufficient fund for the intended transaction).
  2. A/C statement request by Mail or Fax or Email (New).
  3. ANB Visa and Mastercard payments. 
  4. Cheque book request \ Block your check book (New).
  5. Change POS transaction Limit for the ATM Card (New).
  6. IBAN via SMS (New).
  7. Last 10 transactions (New).
  8. Salary Inquiry. 


Personal Finance on IVR

  • Apply for a Personal Finance
  • Outstanding Finance Balance
  • Next finance installment due date, and none paid installment. 
  • Payment schedule by fax. 


Credit Cards (ANB Visa and Mastercard)

  • Outstanding balance,  available balance & payment due date are played automatically (New).
  • Minimal payment query.
  • Last 10 transactions details (New).
  • Last payment details.
  • Credit Card payments.
  • Credit Card Phone Banking password registration & Credit Card Activation fully automated (New).
  • Change Phone Banking password or ATM password number for the credit card.
  • Cash Advance to own account and to TeleMoney account for open portfolio (New).
  • Statement request by Mail or Fax or Email (New).
  • Utility Payments (SADAD & MOI).
  • Apply for new Credit Card (New).
  • Sadad number by SMS.


Car Lease Finance Services (New)

  • Car Lease Finance inquiry by plate number.
  • Car Lease Finance branch locations inquiry.
  • Information on how to get : Insurance copy, Authorization letter to drive the car, Title Renewal & Ownership Change.
  • Car Lease Finance statement by mail, email & Fax.


Internet Banking Services

  • Now you can delete all types of predefined beneficiaries through IVR (New).
  • Activate or deactivate ANB Net user.


Complain & Suggestions Service

  • We welcome your comments, complaints and suggestions. You can also report a stolen or missing card or a suspicious transaction by calling toll free number 8001192222.
  • Your complain status can be tracked (New).


Tips for using the Self-service system

  • Press 9 for the main menu.
  • Press 8 for the previous menu.
  • Press 6 for the next menu.
  • Press # to confirm your input.
  • Press 0 for Agent assistance.


To keep your information safe, here are few tips: 

  • Choose a password number different from what you use on the ATM.
  • Don't disclose your password to your friends, relatives, or even bank employees.
  • Your password is your key to your accounts, if at any time you feel that it has been compromised, please change it immediately.
  • If your card has been stolen, call ANB Phone Banking immediately.

For more information please call ANB Phone Banking Local: 8001244040 , Abroad: +966112127555