JOUD Program

"Joud Program" is specially-designed for our Pensioners, with a range of financial products and services to meet their banking needs.


  • Priority queuing at the branches
  • Electronic Services through ANB Mobile, ANB Net, Phone Banking & ATM
  • 25% discount on Safe Deposit Box (Joud Plus).
  • 25% discount on  banking transfers (for Joud Plus 
  • Free Cheque book
  • Free ANB credit cards for 1st year usage 
  • PIN for secure shopping
  • Up to SAR 40,000 POS usage (upon request)
  • Naqd service at POS terminals
  • Wi-fi Service 
  • For more information on mada debit card (click here)

Shariah compliant Finance Programs:

Requirements to become a Joud Member

To become a member one of the following requirements should be met: 

  • The monthly salary of SAR 1,725 - SAR 6,000 Or the average balance from 10,000 to 50,000 credited in the customer’s ANB bank account (Joud); or 
  • If the pensioner’s monthly salary is between SAR 6,000 - SAR 15,000 or maintain a three months average balance of SAR 50,000 – SAR 100,000 he will join “Joud Plus” program and enjoy additional benefits. 

If your transferred salary exceeds SAR 15,000 or your average quarterly balance is more than SAR 100,000 you will be qualified for the ANB Gold Program, to enjoy extra benefits. 

For inquiries please call ANB Phone Banking 8001244141 or 966112994000 or contact us.