For your convenience, TeleMoney provides you with multiple transfer options

Remitting through TeleMoney Centers

  • Visit your nearest TeleMoney Remittance Center.
  • Submit your ID to the Customer Service Representative (CSR).
  • The CSR will issue you a unique Remittance Membership ID number, which will allow you to add up to 15 beneficiaries.
  • Approach the teller, hand him your ID and the transfer amount then select the beneficiary.
  • The teller will enter the details in the computer and provide you with a printout of the information entered.
  • Check the information on the printout, sign and return the original to the teller. Please keep a copy for your records.
  • The transaction is processed and the remittance will be sent to the correspondent bank.

Remitting through ANB ATMs for ANB Customers and Others with TeleMoney Unique Membership ID

  • Insert your ATM card in the card reader and choose the Language.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Select the service “Funds Transfer Service”.
  • Select “International Transfers”.
  • Select “TeleMoney Remittances”.
  • Select Beneficiary (from 1st to 4th only).
  • Select currency (SR or Beneficiary Currency).
  • Enter Remittance Amount.
  • Verify Remittance details (Confirm/Decline).
  • Transaction completed. Receipt is printed.

Remitting through ANB NET for Customers with TeleMoney Unique Membership ID

  • Go to ANB Website
  • Log in to ANB net (with User name and Password)
  • Select TeleMoney
  • Select the account to be debited for the transfer amount
  • Select Beneficiary Name
  • Enter amount (SR/Beneficiary Currency)
  • Select Proceed
  • Verify and confirm Remittance details
  • Select (Confirm/Back/Amend)
  • Print receipt post confirmation

Remitting through ANB Mobile for Customers with TeleMoney Unique Membership ID*

  • Select Transfers
  • Select TeleMoney Transfers
  • Select Beneficiary then Proceed
  • Insert Amount and select Confirm
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Remittance already executed.

*If you have already registered in ANB NET service, you can use the same User ID and Password to log in to ANB Mobile Application.


  • Remittance to be executed directly and debited to customer account, with SMS sent to customer mobile confirmation deduction of the transfer amount.
  • It takes 30 minutes to 72 hrs., depending upon the type of service you use, and the correspondent bank, for the money to reach the beneficiary.
  • The correspondent bank will deliver the funds/advise beneficiary of transfer arrival as soon as practicably possible.
  • In case of error in the remittance, the correspondent bank will notify to, in turn, communicate with you for transfer amendment and re-sending.
  • If delivery of your remittance is delayed, our representatives in the country of the correspondent bank will follow up with the correspondent to ensure delivery of your remittance to the beneficiary.
  • Always provide the correct Beneficiary Information to both the CSR and Teller.
  • Never give wrong or short beneficiary names. Check for exact match of account number, bank and branch names.
  • For “Door to Door” services, provide the full, accurate name and address of the beneficiary.