Shariah compliant Rate Swap (IRS)

Shariah compliant Swap is a commodity based transaction used for hedging the customer’s exposure to fluctuating profit rates which mirrors, in a Shariah compliant manner an Interest Rate Swap (IRS) conventional transaction.

Shariah compliant Options “Waad Structures”

The main purpose of the Waad hedging is to provide Bank customers a Shariah approved mechanism for managing their exposures due to market price fluctuations. This product will be mainly used for hedging exposures on Shariah compliant underlings that include Currencies, Commodities, Equity Funds, etc...

Shariah compliant Market Linked Product (AMLP)

This is a structured product that provides capital protection at maturity and the opportunity to participate in the performance of the underlying asset (currency, equity, fund, commodity, index, etc...).

Muarabaha Deposit

A Shariah Compliant alternative for Conventional Time Deposits. Where the customer would authorize anb to buy commodities on his behalf then subsequently sell these commodities on differed payment basis to anb with a price consisting of cost plus the agreed profit.