London Branch works alongside the corporate banking and commercial banking divisions in Saudi Arabia and is a major provider of banking services to UK subsidiaries of Saudi companies, their affiliates and international business partners. Similarly, the branch offers an invaluable platform for those companies in the United Kingdom and Europe that conduct business with and in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. 

The corporate Banking division of London branch is aimed at providing financial services to expand and grow the relationship between the business community doing business in Saudi Arabia (and by extension the wider GCC region) and the rest of the world by offering a number of services:

  • Current account and fixed term deposits in a range of major currencies. 
  • Corporate bilateral lending; overdrafts, revolving short term loans and medium/long term loans 
  • Bonding (all types) 
  • Trade Finance Services including Letters of Credit and discounting of bills 
  • Treasury products and services (inc FX and hedging)

Our strength is to understand our customers business and provide tailor-made solutions to cover the financial needs. Customers will deal directly with a corporate banking officer or manager to ensure the best possible level of service at all times.