Our Documentary Credits department offers a fast and efficient service in confirming letters of credit, bank collections and other financial instruments. which applies to instruments issued by anb, as well as other banks in the GCC region. We provide highly focused, customer-oriented solutions, which deliver the optimum payment method for our customers - both importers and exporters. 

In-depth knowledge of the Saudi market place, in both banking and commercial terms, gives us a distinct competitive edge in product pricing and structuring of the transaction. Regular contact with European and Saudi corporates means we have up-to-date market intelligence at our fingertips. 

A key element in our service is a dedicated point of contact within the Branch, supported by in-depth back up. This allows us to build long-term relationships and afford an invaluable insight into our customers' needs. As a measure of our commitment to customers, we offer a 24-hour turnaround period for processing of transactions. 

Supplier Credit

We have also developed our unique trade finance products which provide a facility of payment, structured around simple administrative procedures. Our experience in the London market has given us the expertise to develop products that can provide an alternative to Letters of Credit.

For those who wish to trade on an open account basis, or importers that desire to increase the usance term of their order, we provide a procedure which enables arab national bank to issue a facility in favour of the supplier in respect of shipments that have been effected. 


  • Simple administrative procedures that can be customised to suit your particular situation. 
  • Potentially longer credit terms. 
  • A bank pledge that covers up to 100% of the invoice value. 
  • A single fee charged to cover the facility and the ancillary administration. 
  • Discounting of acceptances through the bank, at competitive terms. 

If you have an interest in this product, please contact us


Other Structured Trade Financing 

We are able to engineer tailor-made financing solutions that suit your specific requirements and have the necessary flexibility attuned to particular transactions